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Desmond Sandy
About Desmond Sandy

Desmond Sandy made himself known in the community by co-founding Gold Crush Climbing Gym, six months after he and his wife Brooke moved to Nevada County in 2015. After growing the business and hiring the right people, Desmond made the transition to real estate.

Since 2016 Desmond has been working with individual real estate investors, as well as multi-million dollar investment groups.

Currently, Sandy Real Estate Group helps sellers effectively market for the highest return and best outcome when selling. Buyers are met with a range of rent analytics, neighborhood assessments, and accurate comparative market data to ensure a smart purchase.

With extensive community connections, and a passion for real estate and helping others, rest assured that your experience will be one of full-spectrum success.

Compassion, patience, and communication with clear vision are what make working with Desmond and Sandy Real Estate Group such a unique and rewarding experience. You won’t be disappointed.

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